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🌈 #rain rain rain, isn't it #awesome in the #sunshine must mean I'm at the end of a #rainbow or right in the middle? #WebsiteDraft #vision #visionMaking #VisionCreating #odcctv growth progress chart. Starting in Debt I aim to achieve 3033ac from the eleven of 1083ac I began with.
2001-2016 dreaming & seeking.
2017 Foundations & Visioning.
2018 and onwards to complete #TheVision πŸ€™πŸ½

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January 26th 2018
Christian Curtis
Project One
Freedom Forest Foundations
AUD -$19,872 Originally
$14,369 Still In Debt
Goal $0,00
Project Two
Water Security
No longer available
Our initial 11 acres provide the foundation habitat #FreedomForest, seasonal creek, three camera locations with birdlife food supply growing.
Home of #odcctv
Project Three
Human Food & Shelter Project
AUD $70,00 goal
Progress: $ 00,000
After caring for the essentials first, our third expansion of 11 acres has a very old livable dwelling with existing human food garden and citrus trees. In need a expansive TLC. Adjoins project one. Majority is old regrowth forest, requiring much lantana removal.
Another 14 further projects to be listed below soon.
🌲 πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŒΎ πŸ• ⛺️ πŸŒ„ πŸ” 🐝 🌴
Our #odcctv Purpose
Our foundations began with our "About" concept of converting currency for environmental conservation and wildlife habitat restoration via advertising/sponsorship of 10x10 pixel blocks. Our pixel trading grids were simple and underutilized therefore delaying our purchase of land until June 10th of 2016. At this point we established #FreedomForest in the real world.
With time and your support we will bring #OutDoorsClosedCircuitTeleVision to screens and windows world wide watching nature, being natural. #BringOutsideInside

Our project also includes the removal of noxious and unwanted weeds from our mountain creek location. This benefits all downstream. Our first seven years of weed removal is well past two acres! Lantana, goodbye!

We are also responsible for fallen dead wood removal reducing future fire risk.

Working with nature, it's what we do!